Hipoges Opens a Co-Working Space in A Coruña, its 5th Headquarters in Spain

Hipoges Opens a Co-Working Space in A Coruña, its 5th Headquarters in Spain

Hipoges Opens a Co-Working Space in A Coruña, its 5th Headquarters in Spain 1100 524 Hipoges

Hipoges opened its fifth Spanish headquarters, a co-working space in A Coruña, Galicia, at the end of December. After the necessary adaptation work to follow the standards of the company’s corporate image and taking into account the continuing growth of the workforce, the A Coruña headquarters is now ready to be used by Hipoges colleagues.

With this new space, A Coruña becomes the company’s fifth headquarters in Spain, with 11 spaces in total, so far. The opening of this northern headquarters responds to the expansion objective that the company has always had. With this, it also follows the demand for space for ongoing growth of the workforce and business capacity in the northwest area of ​​the national territory.

The location of the new Hipoges co-working space in A Coruña is in the Ensanche neighbourhood, exactly on Calle Linares Rivas number 30, one of the most privileged areas of the city, with excellent transport links and a variety of shops. In its surroundings we can find some of the most beautiful building facades of the city, and main parks such as the Parque de Vigo or even the great Parque de Santa Margarita, which houses the House of Sciences.

The Hipoges Co-Working Space in A Coruña

The Hipoges co-working space is located in the NEVO Business Center, a space that is shared with other tenants, Hipoges occupies part of two floors:

The 11th floor is designed as the main floor, which houses the center’s management and reception, meeting rooms, coffee corner and rooms for informal meetings, bathrooms and small offices of other tenants. You can take a virtual walk through this floor, by clicking this link.

On the 6th floor is the office with the same look & feel as the 11th floor but presenting a different layout. On this floor we find a total of 12 workstations and a common space for all tenants, with tables and microwaves and a canteen where people can have their meals.

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Hipoges opens headquarters in A Coruña responding to the objective of geographical expansion

Wherever it is, Hipoges spaces all follow the same line of feeling of belonging as a way to improve the professional experience, this new space is no exception.

At the inauguration of Hipoges’ A Coruña co-working space were some people from the Hipoges Management team, such as Javier Lorés, Chief Human Resources Officer, Nuno Antunes,Global Chief Real Estate Officer, and Ángel Alcázar Chief Operations Officer Sareb. On this occasion, Ángel wanted to share a few words with everyone “it is a great pride to see that not only the team is growing, but also to see how we are opening new offices to be where we are needed.”

In addition, the center has a benefit that helps with transport links for the people who work at the NEVO Business Center. It is an exclusive scooter parking lot for the center’s users,  located on the sixth floor.

We are very happy to be able to share these great news, in times of certain uncertainty, being able to add value to economic growth, employment and people’s well-being is very fulfilling. But this is not all, discover all the company news, such as important Hipoges personalities, events where we take part, new certifications, etc.