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HipoGes Held Its Traditional Christmas Dinner in Lisbon and Oporto

On December 13th and 18th, HipoGes Portugal Christmas Dinners were held in Lisbon and Porto respectively. During this festive season, the company took the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of its team and the expansion of recent years, counting today with two more offices than a year ago, one in Oporto and the other one […]

HipoGes Held Its Traditional Christmas Dinner in Spain

As has become traditional in HipoGes, on December 13th and 20th in Valencia and Madrid respectively, the Christmas dinners of HipoGes’ offices in Spain were held. Valencia’s Dinner The place chosen to hold the dinner was Convent Carmen. For over 400 years, this emblematic building was formerly convent in Valencia and it has now been […]

HipoGes Participates in the NPL Conference in Madrid.

The ‘NPL Iberia’ conference took place in Madrid on November 28th and 29th and HipoGes was present as a Sponsor. This event of reference in the European market counted with the participation of Phil Walker (COO Spain) that joined a discussion panel with several other professionals. The event brought together the main funds, banks, servicers […]

How Cities Across the World are Tackling the Global Affordable Housing Crisis

The unprecedented migration of population from rural areas to big urban cities has led to an increment of demand for proper and affordable housing. As a recent survey shows, 90% out of 200 cities around the globe were considered unaffordable since average house prices are established three times above the regional median income. With thousands […]

HipoGes Strengthened its Presence on the Greek Market by Acquiring Alsvit

HipoGes strengthened its presence on the greek market by acquiring Alsvit. The expansion into Greece started two years ago. During this period, HipoGes has incorporated professionals in key positions to manage its Greek subsidiary; currently it collaborates with one of the country’s leading financial entities on a debt recovery project; it’s involved in several processes […]

The Growth of Wooden Giants: Are Timber Skyscrapers the Future of Cities?

Wooden-made skyscrapers are no big news to Canadian cities such as Vancouver in British Columbia. However, other countries are now starting to see this resource as a great and sustainable solution for the construction of residential and office buildings. The Brock Commons tower is an example of the vast possibilities of wood – it is […]

China as one of the Target Investment Countries for Non-Performing Loans

According to the research report from the law firm Ashurst, A Global NPL Perspective, investors are now starting to turn their attention from the established markets in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal to expand in emerging markets such as China and India. In this report that gathers the opinion of several senior executives across the […]

HipoGes Iberia Obtains The Happy Index At Work Certification

We are proud to announce that HipoGes has obtained the Happy Index At Work certificate. Based 100% on employee feedback, this certification is given by Choose My Company which recognizes and rewards companies based on employees’ motivation and happiness. By conducting a survey, our employees had the opportunity to rate the company on different aspects […]

HipoGes Iberia Attends the Spain Real Estate Investment Forum

Last Wednesday, June 12th, the Spain Real Estate Investment Forum took place at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid. This reference event for real estate investment brought together the main actors involved in the real estate ecosystem in Spain – investors, family offices and private investors – and it was organized by the communication channel Cambio16 […]

HipoGes Attends NPL Greece 2019

The second annual edition of the Greece & SEE regional NPLs International Summit   took place last Wednesday, May 29th, in Athens. The event held by SmithNovak addressed the current situation of the Non-Performing Loans (NPL) market with a global and local approach. This edition counted with the participation of key Banks, Regulators, Investors, Servicers and Advisors operating […]