2021 150 150 Hipoges

Expansion in Spain and Italy In May, Hipoges acquired a majority stake in Domus RS, a commercialization, development and real…

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2020 150 150 Hipoges

Servicing License in Greece The Bank of Greece grants Hipoges a license that accredits us as a qualified entity to…

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2019 150 150 Hipoges

Acquisition of Alsvit Hipoges strengthens its presence in the Greek market with the acquisition of Alsvit, a REO management company…

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2018 150 150 Hipoges

10th Anniversary Hipoges celebrates its 10th anniversary with more than 400 employees and 17.000 million euros of assets under management.…

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2017 150 150 Hipoges

11.300 million euros of assets under management Hipoges continues its growth in the iberian market (Spain and Portugal) and continues…

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2016 150 150 Hipoges

8,000 million euros of assets under management With work centres in Madrid and one in Lisbon and more than 8,000…

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2015 150 150 Hipoges

Loans to large companies Expansion and consolidation of the structure for the management of loans to large companies with various…

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2014 150 150 Hipoges

Management of promoter loans Launching of the structure for the management of promoter loans. Hipoges manages assets worth more than…

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2013 150 150 Hipoges

Standard & Poor’s rating Hipoges is rated “Above average” by Standard & Poor’s for Special Servicing of Residential Mortgages. Start-up…

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2012 150 150 Hipoges

3,500 million euros Hipoges manages assets worth a total of 3,500 million euros  

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