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HipoGes Iberia Obtains The Happy Index At Work Certification

We are proud to announce that HipoGes has obtained the Happy Index At Work certificate.

Based 100% on employee feedback, this certification is given by Choose My Company which recognizes and rewards companies based on employees’ motivation and happiness.

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By conducting a survey, our employees had the opportunity to rate the company on different aspects related to motivation and happiness at work. A accreditation is given to companies that can achieve 50% participation, an overall score of 3.18 out of 5, and 60% recommendation index on the question: Would you recommend HipoGes as a good place to work?

Overall, HipoGes exceeded these standards by achieving the following global results:

– 60% participation

– 4.19/5 overall rating

– 82% recommendation as a good company to work for

Segmented by countries, Spain achieved the following results:

– 60.3% participation

– 4.15/5 overall rating

– 85% recommendation as a good company to work for

While Portugal obtained the following:

– 59% participation

– 4.24/5 overall rating

– 77% recommendation as a good company to work for

happy at work index employees

We are proud to be recognized as a company in which the development of our activity is linked to happiness and motivation. Our good performance is possible thanks to these two indicators and without them we wouldn’t be able to maintain the great quality of our services.

We will continue working to maintain and improve this image. Thank you very much to those who have dedicated part of their time to fill the survey. Your feedback helps us improve.

Best team, best tools, best solutions!