Corporate Social Responsibility

The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility actions is one of the Hipoges’ strategic pillars. Our social, ecological, economic and good governance performance is integrated into all levels of the company in order to make our world a better place.

Social Commitment

Hipoges supports and collaborates constantly with charitable institutions, carrying out solidarity initiatives. Different actions that allow us to move one step closer to the goal of a more fair, humane and sustainable society. We are proud that many of these actions are proposed directly by our employees, showing their desire to help those who need it most.

Ecological Commitment

At Hipoges we are aware of the need of taking care of the planet and the environment surrounding us. That is why we collaborate with different ecological sustainability projects. At the same time, we carry out several actions aimed to minimizing environmental impact and preserving the environment.

Economic Commitment

Hipoges maintains a responsible and sustainable economic attitude, based on a long-term project through clean, natural and competent growth. Our annual accounts, consolidated accounts and annual budgets, as well as our reinvestment and benefit distribution policies, are proof of our socially responsible economic performance.

Good Governance Commitment

At Hipoges we have different policies that favor the performance of our activity in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner, such as gift policy, compliance, regulatory compliance, etc.
Our corporate ethics goes beyond legal compliance, to integrate into the different areas of action in which we develop an ethical behavior based on values such as transparency, honesty, respect and equality.


Socially responsible organizations with which we collaborate
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