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HipoGes guarantees a comprehensive solution for the management of distressed assets

HipoGes offers a wide range of services in connection with Asset Management. Advisory services on the process of valuation and purchasing, consulting services on the design of processes and implementation of management tools, management solutions for various types of assets and investment

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Management Solutions For Various Types Of Assets

HipoGes manages a wide range of real estate and credit assets. At the heart of all the management process is an advanced technological platform, which has been developed by HipoGes, allowing us to establish the optimal working strategy for each asset. Our philosophy is based on the conviction that the key to get an efficient management of assets lies in the active coordination among all areas concerned by means of the most advanced software

Depending on the characteristics of each portfolio under management, the optimal strategy should include the following functions:

  • Negociation and reestructuration. a team of experienced professionals deal with the negociation with debtors and select the ideal strategy for the specific management of each asset, taking into account all available information on the part of the real estate department and the legal deparment
  • Legal Management. the legal department processes a high volume of legal proceedings, including foreclosures of real estate properties, collaterals, request for payment and other legal proceedings that are integrated in an information technology (IT) platform. This allows us to control, at all times, the current stages of each legal proceeding, as well as to lead and coordinate the work activities of our internal and external resources
  • Real Estate Management. a team of especialised experts in various types of assets including dispersed foreclosed real estate assets, promotions, hotels, industrial assets, land, commercial assets. HipoGes has established a reliable and efficient network of external partners to collaborate with, in order to offer a comprehensive management of every asset it controls and operates

Consulting Services On The Design Of Processes And Implementation Of Management Tools

HipoGes offers consulting services on the design of efficient management processes and the creation and implementation of management tools, from a comprehensive system of asset management to ad hoc tools to improve management efficiency. HipoGes has developped a technological platform called HAMS allowing its clients to optimize the servicing of their assets

  • Implementation of the comprehensive system of management
  • Development of specific modules by tipology of product and tipology of service
  • Documentation management
  • Specific training for the management system
  • Design of efficient work flows. Identification of critical processes, work flow description and design of controls to assure their effectiveness and efficiency
  • Compliance structures. Identification of critical areas, identification of specific regulation, implementation of the necessary structure, design of channels of communication, implementation of controls.
  • Creation of manuals of procedures
  • Procedures of control and internal audit
  • Processes of accreditation and certification
  • Definition of the appropriate profiles of employees
  • Design and implementation of incentive schemes

Advisory Services On The Process Of Valuation And Purchasing

In HipoGes there is a team entirely devoted to offer consulting services to investors, focused on providing a wide range of services to the investors and giving them support throughout all the stages of the investment process. This team provides deep knowledge in all kinds of complex products, from residential mortgage credits, loans without collateral, loans to portfolios of small and medium size enterprises (SME), promoter loans and portfolios of real estate assets

Our main services:

  • Real Estate valuation by means of algorithmics of stipulation of prices, desktop manual analysis and drive by valuations
  • Financial models of portfolios of performing and non-performing credits and real estate assets
  • Experience in legal Due diligence of secured and unsecured credits, as well as in real estate collaterals and direct adquisitions of assets
  • Analysis of working strategy with borrowers