Create a successful career in a unique working environment

Come to work in a reference servicer in the industry. Join in a project that guarantees your professional development. A different reality where your opinion matters
Distinct, independent and prestigious project. Over 14 years of experience, specializing in the management of a wide variety of assets. We offer an international project, with presence in 4 countries. With €47 billion in assets under management, more than 1400 employees, more than 128 portfolios under management and more than 68 different customers, we are the reference multi-client servicer in the sector.
We have developed an equitable remuneration system, based on work-related responsibility criteria. We encourage the achievement of goals through a variable remuneration policy, based on qualitative and quantitative criteria. In addition, we have several elements of payment that strengthen the idea of the worker as a central element of the business model.
The development system is based on three pillars: learn alone, learn from others and learn from the evolution of the business itself. Hipoges favors a healthy environment for the exchange of ideas through positive interactions between workers and the working on joint projects. In addition, training actions are carried out, adapted to each employee.
The Hipoges team is made up of people who are proud to share their experience and talent with their colleagues. Open spaces, coworking areas, offices and glass rooms, favor transparency and cooperation. A young team with a diversity and plural environment that allows us to have different and enriching opinions.
Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the pillars of Hipoges' strategy. Several actions are carried out in order to improve the reality of the neediest groups. Our social, ecological, economic and corporate performance is integrated in all areas of the company in order to make the world around us a better place.
At Hipoges, diversity is part of our corporate culture. We conceive and develop talents without prejudice or barriers. The coexistence and interaction of workers with varied characteristics, create an environment rich in ideas, experiences, points of view, needs and motivations. The diversity at Hipoges increases. Therefore, we have created an inclusive environment in which everyone can develop and feel at ease.


We are happy and we know it

100% based on direct feedback from our employees, this certification is awarded by the company Choose My Company, which recognizes, and rewards companies based on the managing of their employees’ motivation and happiness. We are proud to be recognized as a company in which the development of our activity is linked to happiness and motivation, without which it would not be possible to obtain an adequate performance at work.


  • Compensation policy: We apply criteria of responsibility and job valuation, thus ensuring a fair and equitable pay structure.
  • Variable compensation depending on the objectives, individual performance and company performance.
  • Bonus for special programs
  • Flexible remuneration plan – HipoFlex: we give employees the possibility to request a restaurant ticket, transport card and / or childcare check.
  • Collective health policy
  • Add-ons: Seniority, 100% base salary supplement in sick leave cases


  • Hipoges SmartWorking
    1. Flexible Schedule
    2. Possibility to acquire 2 days of holidays
    3. Work away
  • Shorter working days – fridays and summer (july/ august)
  • Holidays:
    1. 22 business days per year
    2. 2 days for private issues (per year)
    3. 1 additional day on christmas
    4. 1 day for the anniversary
  • Breastfeeding permission possibility to accumulate 15 working days.
  • Modelo de desenvolvimento 70-20-10

    • 70% Experience Based
    • 20% Working with People
    • 10% Training & Education
  • Autoavaliação de desempenho: como ferramenta de desenvolvimento e consciencialização da própria performance.
  • Avaliação do desempenho – year end: na qual os colaboradores recebem feedback e onde se fixam novos objetivos.
  • Plano de desenvolvimento pessoal: ferramenta na qual o colaborador identifica as áreas e competências que pode desenvolver.
  • Rotação interna – mobilidade funcional: sistema que permite a mobilidade entre cargos e departamentos distintos.
  • Programa de reskilling: capacidade de desenvolver skills necessárias caso o colaborador pretenda alterar a atividade ou responsabilidade.
  • Programa de formação– Hipoges L+Earn: método através do qual os colaboradores se podem desenvolver tanto a nível técnico como as suas próprias competências. As ações formativas dividem-se principalmente em:
    • Formação interna
    • Formação Online
    • Fast learning
    • Formação externa
  • Desenvolvimento de liderança – Hipoges Management excellence: sistema que permite que as posições de responsabilidade da empresa sejam desenvolvidas com competência para melhorar liderança e gestão de equipas.
  • Programa Master: programa que financia o mestrado ou estudos semelhantes aos colaboradores Hipoges.
  • Programa de desenvolvimento dos Jovens Talentos (You Next): formação e desenvolvimento para talento jovem com o objetivo de integrar a equipa da Hipoges quando o período de contrato acabar.
  • Offices and facilities: functional, modern and accessible.
  • Hipoges Breakfasts: On Wednesday, to start the day with all the team in an informal way.
  • Coffee for everyone: we have equipped kitchens in which milk, coffee, infusions are always available to the employee…
  • Engagement survey – Workplace workshops: to know the level of satisfaction and commitment of employees, and take actions that allow us to improve it.
  • Talk to Hipoges: additional channel where employees can express their opinion.
  • Hipoges Newsletter: Provides updated company information.
  • Hipoges Town Hall Meeting: event to share relevant business information with employees.
  • Hipoges Team Building: annual outdoor activity that aims to strengthen relationships within the team.
  • Hipoges Children´s Day: open day for employees’ children to know the space in which their parents work.
  • Hipoges Christmas: celebration of Christmas events.
  • Buddy Program: provides a point of reference or contact for new members as they join the company.
  • Hipoges Football team: participation in the Business League.
  • HipoCare: wellness plan with initiatives focused on improving physical fitness, nutrition and environmental conservation.