HipoGes Iberia at European Investment Summit 2018

HipoGes Iberia at European Investment Summit 2018

HipoGes Iberia at European Investment Summit 2018 150 150 Hipoges

On May 8th and 9th the European Investment Summit 2018 took place at the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens. HipoGes Iberia, through Filipe Pereira (Strategy Analyst) participated in the event, which combined presentations, discussion panels and 1:1 meetings offering networking opportunities that helped to know the economic situation of Greece and Cyprus as well as the market opportunities of NPLs and Real Estate.


It was not the first time we attended this event. Last October, Juan Francisco Vizcaíno, Margarida Maia, Hugo Vélez and Filipe Pereira joined the event on behalf of HipoGes Iberia as a Servicer Sponsor. Our intention is to continue participating in this event as we always get very positive outputs from it.


Filipe Pereira

“The assiduous presence of Hipoges in the European Investment Summit in Athens is of crucial importance to affirm our presence in the country, to explore investment and partnership opportunities and to develop long-term relationships with multiple players in this market. The increasing interest shown by other players in our activities and the latest improvements made by the legislators regarding this market, maintain our confidence on the success of this international expansion project.”

The European Investment Summit 2018

In this edition, the event brought together servicers, investors, banks, RE companies, law firms and other players interested in the possibilities offered by the Greek and Cypriot markets.




The topics discussed helped to assess the economic and legal framework of the NPLs market and Real Estate market in these countries: legislative trends, challenges in the financial sector, influence of the economy, investors points of view, etc. All of this allowed to know the situation of the Greek and Cypriot markets and obtain a global vision of the scenario where a platform like HipoGes develops its activity.

Our commitment to internationalization and our presence in the Greek market required us in an event of these characteristics, since we are convinced that Greece will be one of the scenarios where HipoGes will enhance its commercial development.