Happy 10th Anniversary! We are Ten Years old!

Happy 10th Anniversary! We are Ten Years old!

Happy 10th Anniversary! We are Ten Years old! 1242 928 Hipoges

19th October 2018. Maybe not all of you know it but, ten years ago we started this journey. During these years, we have faced several changes. Different offices, different countries, lot of clients, many people, tons of work and even more tons of successes. But other things have not changed, our commitment, our culture, our values, HipoGes spirit remains.

We want to congratulate our employees with a special decoration at the office and some presents we hope they enjoy! All of you should feel proud of what we have nowadays, proud of being part of this fantastic team, proud of this amazing project, you can really be proud of yourself.

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10 años hipoges iberia 10 aniversario

Many thanks to all of you for making it happen, many thanks to all of you for keep finding the way 

Hugo Velez (General Manager Partner)

As a founding partner of the company, I am extremely proud with the business and company that we have created over the last 10 years. This was and it is only possible based on the commitment and hard work of the teams and people that were in the company, to the ones that are today and the future ones that will be part of this big family. As a Partner of the company I thank you all.

Claudio Panunzio (Managing Partner)

It is hard to belive that already 10 years have passed since we started this company in a small room in madrid. I am hugely grateful to all the people that have shared this journey with us and have helped create a reference everybody should be proud of. I am also very pleased to see that despite the daily challenge of our business we still work with the same energy that contributed to the creation of the company a long time ago and I am convinced this will accompany us is in the years to come.