Hipoges at NPL Days España: A Deep Focus on the Spanish NPL Market


Hipoges at NPL Days España: A Deep Focus on the Spanish NPL Market

Hipoges at NPL Days España: A Deep Focus on the Spanish NPL Market 1200 801 Hipoges

Hipoges had the opportunity to participate in NPL Days España, an event that took place on June 1st at the Eurostars Madrid Tower 5* hotel, where a total of 5 sessions were presented, with 29 speakers and more than 180 delegates from 5 countries. The NPL Days España began with the traditional speech and presentation of Ángel Estrada, General Director of Financial Stability and Macroprudential Policy Department of the Bank of Spain, who comes every year to share the latest updates, figures and statistics on the Spanish debt market.

This 3rd edition of  NPL Days España was a full day of interactive and informative debates on NPE, unsecured and secured servicing of NPLs, distressed real estate assets, and investment opportunities in the Spanish market, moderated by Tomás González, Partner at Deloitte.  During the day a wide variety of high-levelplayers from various countries and relevant industries and sectors such as regulatory, banking, financial, servicing, advisory, legal, funds, private equity, real estate, technology, debt collection, valuations and so on.

Hugo Velez, General Manager & Partner at Hipoges, participated in the Investment Opportunities and Secondary Market panel, addressing the macro-impact on the real estate market, the impact of Covid-19, the second year of war in Ukraine, prices and rising interest rates. Hugo expressed his opinion on the many differences between the 2017-2018 market levels and the present ones, and on how the market is coping with the additional discounts required.

Other topics addressed by Hugo Velez were the upcoming opportunities in the NPL and REO portfolios, and he shared his views on the prospect of a developing secondary market, based on his extensive experience in different countries and his expectations to find and implement them also in the Spanish market.

A final topic of great interest addressed by Hipoges’ General Manager & Partner was the impact of recent mergers in the servicing industry, the large contract movements in the secondary market and who are the main candidates for the secondary market.

hipoges npl days Spain Hugo velez general manager partner
Hugo Velez, General Manager & Partner of Hipoges, in the NPL Days España

More panels of the NPL Days España

Other NPL Days España panels addressed the overall picture of the servicing market in Spain and the management of secured and unsecured loans, the credit risks as a focus in the coming years, starting with the measures implemented by the government to contain inflation together with measures of economic growth. With this in mind, they also discussed the conditions that NPL portfolio managers have to meet in order to be reliable partners with commercial banks.

In between short breaks for networking, other panels were presented. There was the Performing & Re-Performing Loans panel, where it was mainly about how banks can maintain a good relationship with customers while optimizing NPL management. The speakers also discussed the tax and legal aspects to consider when it comes to underperforming and re-performing credit, or what specialized services investors and other financial institutions look for when there is a transition to low-yield loans.

Last but not least, the Real Estate Valuations and Due Diligence panel. This valuable conversation was about what kind of troubled assets we can expect in the inevitable new wave to come. It was also discussed how banking conditions are affected by rising interest rates and house prices, and how this affects the value of real estate portfolios. The use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence also had a very important presence during the panel. It was discussed to what extent its application in the real estate sector can really represent an accelerator capable of facilitating the connection between the different sectors, improving qualitative and quantitative performance, and expanding access to the market also from an international point of view.

The success of NPL Days España was reflected in some words shared by the DD Talks organizing team:

“On behalf of the DD Talks team, I want to express my gratitude to all the speakers and participants who contributed their experience, knowledge and perspectives to the NPL Days España conference. Their collective knowledge and passion made this conference truly enriching and impactful, with thought-provoking panels and innovative ideas, offering potential solutions to the current problems of the Spanish NPL market.

We believe that networking plays a crucial role in maximizing the value of conference attendance and growing the business, so our goal is always to provide as many valuable networking opportunities as possible.  Given the excellent feedback we have received after the conference, we are pleased to say that we delivered on what we promised: a full day of interactive panels, a roster of expert speakers, relevant attendees, and a perfect environment to cultivate meaningful business connections, making NPL Days España a must-see annual event.”

npl days españa networking hipoges conference event
Networking at NPL Days España

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