Townhall 2018. HipoGes Iberia Celebrated its Traditional Townhall

Townhall 2018. HipoGes Iberia Celebrated its Traditional Townhall

Townhall 2018. HipoGes Iberia Celebrated its Traditional Townhall 150 150 Hipoges

HipoGes Iberia celebrated its traditional Townhall last March 2nd, an annual meeting where different presentations are held by managers, partners and employees in order to evaluate the company´s past, present and future.

This event took place in the Atrium Hotel, Madrid, between 09:00 and 13:00, including a previous breakfast and a brunch after the main act, where the assistants where given with a corporate present.

The event

In the hotel´s assembly hall, Javier Lorés was the master of ceremonies presenting the event and letting talk the other speakers.

Lucía Fontes (CFO) was the first person who talked. She showed numbers that prove HipoGes’ growth in the last years, and very encouraging forecasts that follow the company’s goals.

Adrián González (Analysis department) talked about our management tool “HAMS”, which has allowed the development of the company, and and about how that tool will evolve further helping the performance of our employees.

Claudio Panunzio (Partner and HipoGes Advisory Director) reviewed the client advisory performance developed during 2017 and shared the expectations for 2018 with a vertiginous and encouraging operations pipeline.

Javier Lorés, (HR Director), introduced PeopleGes, the new human resources management tool recently implemented, and the advantages of such implementation for the company.

Hugo Vélez (Partner and Managing Director) spoke about the present and future of the markets in which HipoGes is involved, offering a clear vision of the expectations of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece and the role of HipoGes in such scenarios.

All the HipoGes partners were present giving the most strategic vision of the company and how they see the development of HipoGes in all the markets where we currently have a presence.

To conclude the act, as in previous editions, some employees asked several questions about different issues affecting the company, issues that were resolved by the management team.

There was also a video as a surprise, where by the testimonials of managers and some employees that are no longer part of our family reviewed the 10 years of HipoGes history. Some people that appeared in the video are not working currently with us, but they didn’t want to miss the opportunity of congratulating us for 10 years of growth and successes.

Javier Lorés, HR Director:

“We hope that all the attendants enjoyed a pleasant morning, and that together we can achieve common goals and success. At HipoGes we are proud to have a human team that has been a part of our growth and that will consolidate the company in the leadership position in the markets in where it operates. “