HipoGes & Women. HipoGes Congratulates International Women’s Day to its Female Workers

HipoGes & Women. HipoGes Congratulates International Women’s Day to its Female Workers

HipoGes & Women. HipoGes Congratulates International Women’s Day to its Female Workers 150 150 Hipoges

The role of women in companies is getting greater step by step. At HipoGes we are so proud of this change in society, but we know that there is still a long way to go.

We couldn´t miss the opportunity of congratulating International Women´s Day to all the women who make HipoGes possible, because almost 60% of our workers are women and it wouldn’t be possible to carry out our work without them. In addition, around 25% of them also have family responsibilities and some of them combine job and studies.

The action

On the morning of March 8th, all our workers in the different offices had a thank-you card on their work space with a commemorative logo.

In addition, in Portugal they received a corporate gift.

HipoGes & Women

Here we share some testimonies from our female workers in Spain and Portugal about their experience as women:

Marta Raboso (HR)

“Although Human Resources is one of the areas with more presence of women in any company, it has not been easy for me to reach the position I hold today.

Hopefully one day, men and women will manage to conciliate, really, without resignations neither in the personal nor professional field, the salary gap between women and men will disappear, and there will be true equality when it comes to accessing a directive position with no need to talk of distribution of household duties or children care.

For all these reasons, I am proud that HipoGes has allowed me to have today, a small gesture with all the women of the company, who contribute to the success of the project “

Catarina Gonzalez Feio (Portfolio Management)

“Generally speaking a woman must prove her professional value every day, all the time and to adjust herself to a men’s world, as in our business most of the influential people are men.

When a woman starts building a family, then she really is in the spotlight, as every weakness will be automatically associated to the fact that she is no longer giving priority and full attention to work, even when that’s not the case (and nowadays usually that’s not the case!).

Fortunately, although HipoGes belongs to the real (and not so fair) world, in this company we see a real effort not to prevent women (and moms!) to achieve leading positions. That’s very good for us (women) and fantastic for the company, otherwise it would be a waste of skills and would look like a big step backwards in our evolution in other areas of life”

Lucía Fontes (Finance)

“The Financial world in general is a male world; It is difficult to get into it and for doing so you have to work very hard. When you are also a mother, finding the balance between professional and personal life involves many efforts and sacrifices. Fortunately, HipoGes is a company that since the beginning has allowed me to reconcile these two aspects of my life; I consider myself fortunate because in the world there are many women who have not had the same opportunities.

Barbara Correia (HR)

“Without the struggle for women’s rights, probably none of us would have access to the job offers we have today …

It is very good to see that the trend has changed. HipoGes is a pure example of this, because we are the majority!”

Rebeca Gómez (Secured Loans)

“I joined HipoGes 7 years ago as Debt Collector and, during this time, there have been good and bad experiences.

On one hand, I had to see how I was required more than other colleagues to get both to the same position, in addition to listening to sexist comments made by workers and managers (women and men) as something completely normal.

But despite this, I have always had the support and confidence of my department director and, thanks to my work, perseverance and effort, I have managed to reach the position where I am today, a position that my manager offered me knowing that I was pregnant, something that honors him and, therefore, HipoGes.

Therefore, my experience, despite the injustices that I have had to live sometimes, is positive. Thanks to the fact that each day I fight and work harder for what I want, I have achieved a deserved recognition and, although some try, I will never feel inferior because of being a woman, in fact, every day that passes by I am prouder of being it”

Alina Polisciuc (Portfolio Administration)

“Blondes, brunettes, national, foreigners … no matter the color, or the nationality, no matter the profession, or the life style of each one, what matters is the will, the strength and the love of the women to live the day of each time, to conciliate the possible and the impossible: work, children, husbands, friends …

All of them have 1001 thoughts per minute, however they can focus and make decisions in the professional or in the personal sphere.

At Hipoges every day we see different women joining, but they all have a common power: to be a woman”

HipoGes & equality

At HipoGes, we fight to try to achieve gender equality at the workplace, so the role of women is recognized as they deserve.

We hope that all women enjoyed their day and keep fighting for their rights, demonstrating the importance of their role in all areas of society.

To all of you who make HipoGes possible: “Thanks for making it happen. Always finding the way