National Credit Congress 2022: Ángel Alcázar and Miguel Muñoz at the CMS Group’s Event

Hipoges Gold Sponsor National Congress Credit CMS Group speakers Ángel Alcazar COO SAREB and Miguel Muñoz GCIO discuss panel with key sector figures Credit NPL Servicing Asset Management conference event

National Credit Congress 2022: Ángel Alcázar and Miguel Muñoz at the CMS Group’s Event

National Credit Congress 2022: Ángel Alcázar and Miguel Muñoz at the CMS Group’s Event 2560 1708 Hipoges

On 16 and 17 November, the 14th edition of theNational Credit Congress was held atthe Teatro Goya Multiespacio in Madrid, organized by the CMS Group. This event brought together in one space the elite of the sector to discuss the great themes that mark the industry’s agenda.

The National Credit Congress (in its original Congreso Nacional de Crédito) began with a presentation made by the Managing Director of the CMS Group Ignacio Vilarroig and the Conference Director of Credit in Europe Lola Valencia.  After the warm welcome, there were two presentations that followed, anticipating the various panels of the first day of the event. But it was on the second day that Hipoges had its greater moment, because in addition to being Gold Sponsor, there were two merit speakers present during the panels on November 17th that work with the company.

National Credit Congress organized by CMS Group event NPL Credit  Servicing Banking future  consumer finance debate sponsored Gold Hipoges
Ángel Alcázar (right) and its panel, focused on Consumer Finance

The National Credit Congress brought together the CEOs and Managers of the largest Servicers and other companies in the sector. Among them, our Chief Operations Officer for SAREB, Ángel Alcázar participated in a debate led by Jaime Llori Jiménez, Director of Business Development at  Emergia Smart Colletions, alongside Candelas Martín (Head of Collection Portugal & Spain, Wizink), Damián Herrera (Senior Collections Specialist, Orange Bank España) Federico García Schierbeek (Global Strategic Client Director, Experian) and Joaquín Pardo (CEO, Vozitel).

The panel discussed Consumer Finance and how this current environment of uncertainty deals with risk management and recovery. In this case, the discussion surrounded financial default, for which expectations are growing, can end up leaving financial institutions without room for maneuver. In addition, the panel talked about the tools that exist today and which tend to become obsolete for responding to the problems we face and how companies can successfully adapt to the strategies in a way that allows plausible results – the major challenges of the sector.

Ángel Alcazar consumer finance credit panel with important people companies NPL Asset Management trends tools National Congress of Credit CNC 2022 CMS Group Hipoges sponsor
Ángel Alcázar, Chief Operations Officer of the SAREB portfolio, from Hipoges

Hipoges took 2 speakers to the National Credit Congress

Another participant in this event was Miguel Muñoz, Global Chief Information Officer of Hipoges, who was present in a panel focused in innovation, transformation and technology in the context of the credit sector and the investment prospects in this industry. This panel, at the National Credit Congress 2022 by CMS Group, brought together a few more important figures for the market, including Fran González (Conversational Commerce Expert Finance, Insurance & Healthcare,, Joaquín Esteban Keogh (Director of Legal Services, AM & Innovation, Savia Asset Management), José Luis San Juan (Global Business Consultant, Experian), Marta Franch (CFO Iberia, Younited), moderated by Asier Uribeechebarria (Board Member, AEFI).

This panel discussed the latest advances made, the demands of the new generations and the technological offer that exists and allows the transformation of the resilient credit sector.

Miguel Muñoz GCIO of Hipoges panel NPL Credit Innovation Trends Future new generations CNC 2022 CMS Group event Gold Sponsor discussion on market future
Miguel Muñoz, Global Chief Information Officer of Hipoges

The 14th National Credit Congress, organized by the CMS Group, was a successful event that took place in Madrid at the Teatro Goya Multiespacio. This event included 1263 participants, 110 speakers and 65 sponsors. Hipoges was Gold Sponsor at this event and took two speakers to a conference attended by key figures in the credit sector.

Hipoges thanks the CMS Group, all participants, and speakers, and all those who were present at this event of great importance to the sector. All photographs are courtesy of CMS Group, who owns your rights.

Hipoges was Gold Sponsor event CMS Group National Credit Congress brought together key-figures sector NPL Credit Banking Investment Servicing Asset Management conference 14th edition
Miguel Muñoz (second, from left to right), and his panel