Hipoges Receives the Happy Index Atwork Certification for Another Year

Hipoges Receives the Happy Index Atwork Certification for Another Year

Hipoges Receives the Happy Index Atwork Certification for Another Year 1920 1080 Hipoges

Hipoges is celebrating the achievement of the Happy Index AtWork 2023 certification, issued by the company ChooseMyCompany, recognizing Hipoges as a happy company to work for.

ChooseMyCompany is an external company that, through a series of anonymous surveys, measures and values ​​the level of satisfaction and happiness of a firm’s workforce. However, to achieve such a certification, it is necessary that companies comply with a series of requirements such as a minimum participation rate of 50%; an average score in the survey of 3.81 points; and a minimum of 60% of people who recommend working in the company.

This year, Hipoges has successfully surpassed the requirements, more than 70% of the workforce recommends working at the company. Reaching a participation of 54%, Hipoges has obtained a score of 4.13 points out of 5.

Satisfaction survey Happy Index AtWork 2023 for Hipoges colleagues

Hipoges values this new certification as an excellent achievement that puts a seal of quality in all the work the company performs day to day.

These are some highlights; “highly stimulating professional environment” and the “methodology applied in different teams and projects”. This brings people together and promotes the good relationship and environment that exists between colleagues and departments.

Furthermore, there is enormous stability and growth in different sections of the survey such as in the offices, there is support across all of them and assistance with different partners and teams (70% increase in relation to 2022). The corporate mission and foundational values ​​continue to be highly valued by the team.

This is why ChooseMyCompany gives Hipoges the so-called Reason To Be (name that receives this business indicator within the scope of managing people and talent). It is also an internal positive valuation that gives the company and colleagues: ‘’it is a company formed by great professionals that each year pride themselves to fulfill the set objectives’’, it is commented on the results of the survey.

The work environment is one of the most valued aspects in the Happy Index AtWork survey

Since its beginnings, Hipoges has always sought to implement a transparent and fair business culture, which the entire team understands, but to experience it on a daily basis is something far more positive and appreciated: ”I value the balance of reconciling my personal life with my professional life”.

We also reflect on how the organization and methodology is developing and continues to grow its internal development and valuing people (32%). And adding the score of contact with colleagues (37%) combined: ‘’the capacity and ease of integration of employees within the company’’ and the human side of people within the company.

At the same time, the trust in the management teams (medium and high) or the Team Work Spirit, materialized in different initiatives such as the Summer Party, have also been positively reflected in the survey. We are always counting on the great internal growth that we have to maintain and improve day by day.

Equality and HipoCare, are other highly valued aspects in the HappyIndex AtWork 2023 survey

As for the key to Hipoges’ success in terms of job satisfaction, this is due to several factors. However, the team’s undoubted character stands out: ‘’qualified professionals and human quality’’. HipoCare, active since 2019, is the employee’s 360º well-being plan with a triple focus: promoting physical activity, encouraging healthy eating, and raising awareness around the responsible use of resources.

However, we understand the need to continue working for equality and diversity and therefore we work continuously in our Equality Plan. A project that incorporated the gender perspective at all levels, also at those relating to management.

The certification of Happy Index AtWork not only honours Hipoges as a happy place to work, but also as a company where people can develop in social, emotional and family environments.

Certification Choose My Company – Happy Index AtWork 2023