Hipoges is granted the ISO 22301 certification, continuing its commitment to digitalization

Hipoges is granted the ISO 22301 certification, continuing its commitment to digitalization

Hipoges is granted the ISO 22301 certification, continuing its commitment to digitalization 2000 900 Hipoges

About one month ago, Hipoges obtained the ISO 22301 certification from the Applus+ Certification team, in its continued commitment to digitalization. This certificate demonstrates that the company has a Business Continuity Management System in accordance with ISO 22301.

In an ever ever-expanding digital environment, the information and systems we manage are increasingly vulnerable, especially if they are published on the Internet. With the aim of improving our resilience capabilities, over the last year new and sophisticated “response plans” have been developed, allowing Hipoges to respond more quickly and more effectively in crisis situations.

ISO 22301 is designed to help organizations prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from unexpected incidents. To this end, the standard provides a practical framework for establishing and managing an effective business continuity management system.

Companies that have a developed and updated Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) have advantages over other organizations that do not have one, allowing them to be prepared to face crisis situations, minimizing the financial and reputational impact that these may entail.

To achieve this new certification and to ensure that its procedures met the established standards, in June the Applus+ Certification team of independent auditors carried out a complete audit of the company. During this audit, the certificate that accredits the Information Security Management System (SMS) in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard was also renewed.

The result was obtaining the ISO 22301 certification, which allows Hipoges to guarantee minimum service levels and be able to restore critical business functions within times considered acceptable, thus improving internal controls and strengthening relationships with customers.

It is not the first certification that Hipoges has achieved in 2023 together with the Applus+ Certifications team. Before the summer, the company obtained the so-called ISO 37001 (Anti-bribery Management System) which demonstrated good practices in Criminal Compliance. In addition, Hipoges also obtained the UNE 19601 certification (Criminal Compliance Management System) limited to Spanish geography and issued by the EQA team, an international certification, inspection and verification entity for R&D&I, quality and ESG standards. Both ISO 37001 and UNE 19601 Criminal Compliance certification have become a fundamental plan for the company, aware of the importance of excellence in new practices.

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Equipo de IT de Hipoges con la Certificación ISO 22301 de Applus+ Certification