Hipoges wins 9 awards in the Best Perfomance Servicing 2024 by the CMS Group

Hipoges wins 9 awards in the Best Perfomance Servicing 2024 by the CMS Group

Hipoges wins 9 awards in the Best Perfomance Servicing 2024 by the CMS Group 1200 552 Hipoges

On Thursday 20th of June, Hipoges was awarded 9 prizes at the Best Perfomance Servicing 2024, eventorganised for the second consecutive year by the CMS Group. The company received three more awards than in the first edition held on the 6th of July 2023.

For Hipoges, these awards are of great importance, as they are a clear demonstration that the company is a great reference in the servicing and real estate sector.

The gala was once again held at the Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío Caixabank in Madrid and was attended by more than 130 industry experts. The event was meticulously organised by the CMS Group, a company dedicated to organising events worldwide for top professionals and managers in the sector.

Among the 9 prizes that the company won during the Best Performance Awards 2024, 8 were gold and the ninth was silver, thus achieving at least one award in each of the nominations where Hipoges had been presented.

Juan Ramón Prieto, Global Chief Operations Officer of Hipoges shared that “receiving for the second consecutive year this recognition in the form of nine awards endorses our approach to the market and positioning us as the best partner for banking“. He also added that at Hipoges “we are very happy and grateful that the jury distinguishes and supports the differential value offered by Hipoges and the talent of the almost 2,000 professionals who work with us“.

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Hipoges Team in the Best Performance Performance Awards 2024

What awards did Hipoges receive at the Best Performance Awards 2024?

One of the gold awards received by the company during the Best Performance Awards 2024 was in the category of Best Practices in Mortgage Management, specifically for the Benissa case. This case examined the management of an NPL with various procedural, legal and economic difficulties, due to both the profile of the debtor and the asset.

Another gold received by Hipoges in the category of Best Practices in Property Management for the La Farinera case, which involved clarifying all the uncertainties for the sale and upcoming development of a total of 88 free and subsidised housing units, processing authorisations and the necessary licences for 3 unconsolidated urban plots, among other activities. In the same way, Hipoges also won gold in the Best Strategy in the Management of Problematic Assets with the commercial success story Monachil.

In addition, thanks to the Integra Project, the company achieved gold in Best Practices and Solutions in the field of Regulatory Compliance and Money Laundering. This project presented the process of internalisation of the Regulatory Compliance service in a client together with advice to ensure the highest levels of quality.

With Dynamia, a shopping centre refurbishment project, won another gold in Best Strategy and Management in Refurbishment and Rehabilitation of Large Real Estate Projects. The shopping centre wanted to change its business model, increasing from 30 to 80% in one year with the extension of more than 3,000 m2, following ESG criteria in the refurbishment, carrying out commercial activity and works at the same time, and generating up to 200 jobs.

The Best Strategy in the Management and Servicing of Secured Credit Portfolios also won gold, precisely with the Adaptation of the New Housing Law. This case presented the adaptation and creation of processes for this new regulation, which requires new requirements for notifying public administrations electronically in order to comment on foreclosures, auctions and launches in an agile manner.

As if the above were not enough, Hipoges also won gold at the Best Performance Awards 2024 for the Best Public-Private Partnership Strategy in Real Estate Asset Management with the Vires Projects case. This case involved the management carried out by the company within the framework of public-private partnerships in housing, based on the identification of vulnerability, housing solutions and cooperation with public administrations.

In addition, the Hipoges Group company Domus RS was also awarded gold in the Excellence in Real Estate Marketing category for the Troya Project at the Best Performance Awards 2024. Through this project, a process of internalisation and integration of commercial and administrative teams from a national developer and other collaborators within the company’s structure was carried out.

Finally, Hipoges won an award in Best Practices in Facility Management, Maintenance and Adaptation of Real Estate Assets, on this occasion a silver award with the presentation of the Cala Figuera case. This involved the refurbishment and rehabilitation of a building located in Mallorca, where, in addition, a First Occupancy Licence was obtained, which was used to refurbish the properties to adapt them to the market demand in the area.

This year, the CMS Group has prepared the second edition of the Best Performance Awards 2024, proving once again to be a success in the sector, following last year’s edition where Hipoges was also awarded with different prices.