This was the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024!

This was the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024!

This was the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024! 1200 574 Hipoges

On the 14th of June the most awaited event of the year took place: the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024 to welcome the summer season.

The event took place in the cosy complex El Olivar in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. The Hipoges Summer Festival brought together the whole Hipoges Spain family, enthusiastically welcoming our colleagues from Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, A Coruña, etc. In addition, we were lucky to have some colleagues from Portugal and Greece, as well as some guests from the satellite companies of the group such as Domus RS, Grupo Cobo or FyG. Undoubtedly, it was an unbeatable opportunity to welcome the good weather and strengthen the working bonds between teams.

In total, more than 850 people enjoyed a day full of activities and surprises in different areas of the complex.

The gates opened at 12:00noon and the first gifts were handed out to all. Hats and caps were offered for sun protection, in this warm summer day, as well as a lanyard cup holder with a reusable glass, perfect for staying hydrated at all times. Also, in anticipation of all the prizes attendees could win, a tote bag designed with the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024 logo was also handed out.

The start of the event was marked by a series of exciting games and a live band accompanied by the open bar, creating a festive and lively atmosphere. Some of the activities included go-karts, ball pool, goal shooting, mechanical bulls, mechanical surfboard, fairground booths such as duck fishing or can toss. And of course, what’s a festival without festival decorations to match the theme?

One of the great successes of the event was undoubtedly the glitter stand. It’s clear that this activity has become an iconic and essential element at all summer festivals, and what less than adding a stall at our Hipoges Summer Festival. From the moment the gates opened, this station attracted the attention of many attendees, giving the atmosphere a vibrant and colourful feel.

Moreover, each activity offered the chance to win summer prizes such as inflatable sofas, fans, sunglasses, backpacks, speakers and teddy bears, which added an extra thrill and friendly competitiveness to the event.

prize summer festival 2024 hipoges activities
Activities and prizes at the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024

Not only activities, the Hipoges Summer Festival also surprised with a live concert by Música Levisa. For an hour and a half we enjoyed a variety of music, from current songs to music from the 2000’s that made us sing and dance all the way through.

The event was carefully organised to ensure that we could enjoy every moment to the full. So, after the concert and activities, we headed to the food area, where exquisite catering awaited us. The meal was a perfect opportunity to replenish energy, chat and enjoy delicious food in good company.

The afternoon continued with a session from our trusted DJ along with the start of the open bar. It was an amazing afternoon, full of laughter, good music and memorable moments among friends and colleagues.

As we usually say, all good things come to an end, and after an amazing day, the buses returned to the Madrid offices, as well as to the Atocha and Chamartín stations for those coming from outside the capital.

However, this was not the definitive closure of the Hipoges Summer Festival for everyone, as, as is almost a tradition, the last bus and other groups decided to extend the celebration outside the estate.

The Summer Festival 2024 was not only a welcome to summer, but also a manifestation of the team spirit that defines our company. So, every year Hipoges strives to improve the quality of life of employees. We look forward to the next event, see you then!

And how was the Hipoges Summer Festival in Portugal?

Hipoges welcomed summer with the most anticipated event of the year: the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024. The event was a huge success! In Portugal, it was celebrated on the 7th of June in a perfect location for the many activities and good fun that were had!

The venue chosen for the meeting of Portuguese employees was Quinta das Silveiras, in Leiria, where the Hipoges family gathered. Colleagues from the Lisbon and Porto offices shared unique moments full of good humour, fun and good company!

Among the 218 employees from the two Portuguese offices, guests from Spain, and Greece were also part of the celebration. As well as guests from some of the group’s companies, such as KPI Hotels, Domus RS and Finanwin. It was undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to bring all the teams together and strengthen ties in a relaxed atmosphere, on a day full of sunshine and fun.

From the start of the event, at 11am, colleagues were greeted with soap bubbles and welcome gifts. To distribute the gifts, we had entertainers from the Chapitô circus arts centre – including entertainers on stilts and jugglers – who certainly livened up the whole event in summer festival mode. All colleagues received a bag, straw hats and caps to protect them from the sun, as well as cup holders to put around their necks. When they arrived, they were greeted with welcome drinks and canapés. Of course, all the gifts had the branding and themed colours of the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024 logo.

Just as soap bubbles filled the air with magic, the band Rock2night filled the space with good rock music, among other musical genres. There was no shortage of Portuguese and international music too, and for more than two hours the band didn’t stop animating the space, where the other optional activities were taking place in the Quinta’s front garden.

It was a hot day, so the bar was open so that everyone could cool off. At the same time, there were activities for all tastes, in true summer festival fashion: for the more daring, there was bullfighting and mechanical surfing; for those who are fans of traditional games, there was table football, tin football, giant four-in-a-row, giant jenga and table tennis. For those who wanted to keep another kind of souvenir, the photobooths were ideal! There was also a ball pool, the only one where it was possible to “dive in”.

All the activities offered prizes with the theme of the event, including fans, teddy bears, inflatable sofas, beach towels, sunglasses and even a rucksack in which to keep all the gifts. So as not to miss the real festival spirit, there was also a body glitter station, in all colours and shapes, and you could even “tattoo” our logo in a more glamorous way.

Before lunch, at 1.30pm, the band gave way to a speech by our Chief Services Officer Margarida Maia, and we celebrated Hipoges employees for their 10th anniversary with the company: Ana Rodrigues – Personal Assistant, Daniel Silva – IT Manager and Paula Galrrote – Team Coordinator Real Estate. As a thank you for their dedication over the last 10 years, pens were given to each of the people who celebrated this significant milestone in the company.

anniversary summer festival 2023 hipoges portugal
10th anniversary at the Hipoges Summer Festival 2024 in Portugal

Then, lunch was served, we couldn’t leave out the pork on the spit and the grilled sardines. These were the kings of a menu full of good food, with different options for all types of diets and tastes. Mini hamburgers, fresh cherries, grilled vegetables, croquettes and chips were all on offer, accompanied by an open bar for an hour and a half of delicious food and drink.

To end the day’s festivities on a high note, there was no shortage of dancing with our DJ. The dance floor opened with two professional dancers, one in Latin dance and the other in belly dance! Even the most reserved people danced for two hours full of rhythm and music for all tastes.

All good things come to an end quickly and this day was no exception!

Before returning home, on the buses provided by Hipoges or in private cars, a snack typical of the Leiria region was distributed: mini Brisas do Lis and ham and rocket sandwiches.

It was a memorable day and will continue to be remembered by the people who took part, whom we thank for their presence.