Hipoges Celebrates European Diversity Month 2024 in May #HipogesDiversityMonth

Hipoges Celebrates European Diversity Month 2024 in May #HipogesDiversityMonth

Hipoges Celebrates European Diversity Month 2024 in May #HipogesDiversityMonth 1901 481 Hipoges

Once again, Hipoges celebrated European Diversity Month 2024 this May, following the hashtag #HipogesDiversityMonth. Hipoges is a company that promotes equal opportunities and a discrimination-free environment. The principles of diversity, equality and inclusion are part of the company’s culture and that is why this year we are once again celebrating European Diversity Month 2024, this time under the motto Let’s build a more inclusive society together.

But where does this initiative come from? This initiative, which runs throughout the month of May, was created by the European Commission to raise awareness of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace and in society in general, with the aim of highlighting the efforts of organisations to promote diversity and more inclusive work environments.

So, to commemorate this month, the company has carried out a series of initiatives under one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives that have made May a month dedicated to diversity, equality and inclusion.

European Month of Diversity 2024: Hipoges Initiatives

Throughout the month of May, Hipoges has carried out various initiatives throughout its geographical locations: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. In addition to initiatives that have been permanent throughout the month, new activities were presented at the beginning of each week. In this way, Hipoges proposed the following initiatives for the European Month of Diversity 2024:

  • A LinkedIn banner was available for all colleagues to use on their personal LinkedIn profile:
diversity 2024 linkedin month european iniciative corporate
LinkedIn banner Hipoges for European Diversity Month 2024

  • We published on our LinkedIn profile a series of flashcards:
  1. The different academic areas of people working at Hipoges
  2. Age diversity in Hipoges
  3. Countries and nationalities represented at Hipoges
  4. Ratio of men and women in Hipoges
  5. Departments that make up Hipoges
  • An internal Playlist has been shared with a total of 12 specific sessions for the acquisition of certain skills to improve relationships, create inclusive environments and build a greater sense of belonging in the work environment.
  • An informative video about the European Diversity Month 2024 was played on the screens in all offices.
  • The Wall of Diversity! An innovative activity to gather all ideas, thoughts and reflections on how Hipoges employees contribute to and perceive diversity, equality and inclusion at Hipoges. All these ideas have been shared through post-it messages on the Wall of Diversity.
diversity wall iniciative 2024 month european
Initiative Wall of Diversity for the European Diversity Month 2024
  • A workshop where colleagues had the opportunity to participate in discussions about diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • Finally, “How do we perceive Diversity and Inclusion at Hipoges?” has been shared. Which we leave below:

“At an Hipoges party; diversity is inviting people from all departments and geographies; equity is ensuring that everyone has transport available, regardless of where they live and food, regardless of their diet; inclusion is involving all staff in activities and conversations, allowing them to have their say; and belonging is making them feel that the party is theirs too, where they can be themselves and celebrate together as a real family.

We want to do more than just invite people to join our ‘party’, we want them to be themselves. Because diversity is the source of innovation and offers incalculable value to organisations that are willing to welcome people with the most diverse characteristics.

At Hipoges we are committed to continue promoting the power of differences to help build an inclusive workplace.

The message Hipoges wants to convey is one of fairness and inclusiveness, emphasising the importance of a diverse work environment. Continuing to develop and communicate these initiatives reinforces our commitment to align with the DEI, attract diverse talent and foster an environment of innovation and mutual respect.”

For Hipoges it is essential to do its part by carrying out various kinds of initiatives, would you like to know about other actions that Hipoges has carried out? Discover other Hipoges corporate social responsibility initiatives.