HipoGes’ New and Revolutionary Business Cards

HipoGes’ New and Revolutionary Business Cards

HipoGes’ New and Revolutionary Business Cards 1263 589 Hipoges

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a project that affects everyone who works at HipoGes and that reinvents the concept of business cards.

Thanks to the collaboration with the company Know.ee, all the people who work in HipoGes have, from now on, a digital business card that will replace the conventional physical card. This project is based on three pillars on which HipoGes relies for the development of its activity:

  • Innovation: Digitization is no longer a trend and has become a reality. HipoGes aims to implement innovative solutions that allow us to continue developing our activity in this new reality.
  • Flexibility: This new tool allows us to modify the card data in seconds, from changing the job position to modifying the logo or any other visual element. More flexibility, more adaptability, less costs associated.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Thanks to Know.ee we have reduced our ecological footprint. Less paper, less ink, and less environmental impact.

We’ve Joined The Future

Furthermore, this new platform serves as a communication tool, as each card is displayed on a web page in which it is possible to host content.

We would like to thank the people involved from the Marketing and IT departments for their collaboration in the project. We hope that everyone finds it useful and can make the most of this new tool.