Global NPL 2022: Hipoges Sponsors the Next SmithNovak Event

Global NPL 2022 Event Sponsored by Hipoges Hosted by SmithNovak with Margarida Maia Hipoges' Chief Services Officer as speaker

Global NPL 2022: Hipoges Sponsors the Next SmithNovak Event

Global NPL 2022: Hipoges Sponsors the Next SmithNovak Event 1200 1200 Hipoges

Hipoges is going to sponsor the next SmithNovak event, the international summit Global NPL 2022. The event will take place in London and will bring together key-figures of the NPL market. The Global NPL 2022 will happen during the 5th and 6th October. Our CSO (Chief Services Officer), Margarida Maia, will join a panel discussion reviewing the current Servicing Landscape.

Margarida Maia, CSO of Hipgoes, will talk about the critical role of collections system, the European market’s new trends and intelligent solutions to gain significant competitive advantage. The panelswill focus on a variety of topical questions, offering innovative insights and details about latest technology and industry trends. Margarida Maia’s Servicers Panel will be covering the following topics:

  • How can the European Servicing landscape currently be summarized? What new trends are emerging?
  • Who will acquire SME loans, and how will they be serviced? Can sufficient scale be achieved?
  • Automation, industrialization, intelligent solutions: how is this being achieved by Servicers?
  • What is the expected impact of the current economic turmoil on the Servicing market?
  • How have Collections Rates evolved through 2021 and, how will they progress going forward?
  • How can, and how do, the Servicers differentiate their service offering in order to better win new deals?

About the Global NPL 2022

The Global NPL 2022, which will count once more on Hipoges’ sponsorship, is the 4th conference of its kind. SmithNovak will provide for an event which became an international platform for the NPL industry, bringing together the most influential figures of the market.

The last Global NPL that Hipoges participated was in 2020, sponsoring an online event. in which our General Manager & Partner, Hugo Velez, particpated. That event counted on +350 delegates, +160 companies, and resulted in +70 scheduled business meetings.

Since we are back with the in-person events, Hipoges is expecting this event to show the continued growth of SmithNovak’s events.