Hipoges Sponsors the 10th NPL Iberian Forum By CMS Group

evento CMS Group em Lisboa painel sobre mercado imobiliário e real estate 10º NPL Iberian Forum pelo CMS Group onde Hipoges foi Gold Sponsor

Hipoges Sponsors the 10th NPL Iberian Forum By CMS Group

Hipoges Sponsors the 10th NPL Iberian Forum By CMS Group 1818 1023 Hipoges

The CMS Group is known for their successful events, and this one was no exception. The 10th NPL Iberian Forum took place in Lisbon on the last 31st of May. The event counted on the participation and sponsorship of the main players on the Servicing market.

Hipoges was one of the Gold Sponsors for this event and could not be happier with the outcome it brought. The place was the Pestana Palace Hotel, in Lisbon, Portugal, and it gathered wonderful and insightful panels under one roof, bringing together the best NPL market players in Portugal for networking and experience-sharing.

Business event 10th NPL Iberian Forum by CMS Group on Asset Management with key sector figures Hipoges sponsored Gold Sponsors Servicing Real Estate
The 10th NPL Iberian Forum, by CMS Group, took place in Lisbon, Portugal

The NPL Iberian Forum 2022 was the 10th congress on the Iberian NPL Market by CMS Group. The event was very successful and Hipoges, besides being a Gold Sponsor, brought extra insight with two panellists.

One of them was Hugo Velez, our General Manager & Partner, and a veteran at representing Hipoges at events such as this one. He was able to share his experience with key sector figures from Servdebt, Millenium BCP and Banco Credibom, under the moderation of Susana Bento, Partner at Deloitte Corporate Finance.

Hugo Velez’s panel was the “Economic backdrop and future challenges for the NPE’s sector: Portuguese debt market as an attractive investment opportunity”. This panel discussion was focused on the NPL evolution in the country and the interest of the investors. Also, the effect of the big wave behind the moratoriums and the government’s aid, which put the banks under pressure to deleverage, was also a subject under analysis.

Event NPL Iberian Forum CMS Group Hugo Velez speaker at asset management conference servicing and real estate
Hugo Velez, General Manager & Partner of Hipoges (second one from the left), on his panel

Besides Hugo Velez, our Chief Operations Officer, Armando Castanheira, shared his insight alongside others from Receeve and Zolva, with Paulo Oliveira, CEO of Reconfinance as moderator. The panel was on “NPL collections & credit management perspectives: Recovery specialization & innovative tools to improve results”.

In this panel, the speakers were asked to express their experiences on the different strategies in place to achieve the best recovery performance for Non-Performing Exposures. They were also able to share their opinions on the ever-rapid technological evolution, which impacts the way NPLs are managed.

Armando Castanehria COO of Hipoges at event 10th NPL Iberian Forum by CMS Group about Servicing Asset Management Debt Business in Lisbon Real Estate Market conference people speaking at panel
Armando Castanheira, Chief Operations Officer of Hipoges (first person from the left) at his panel

Hipoges sponsors the 10th NPL Iberian Forum

Once more, Hipoges could sponsor an NPL event of great success. The 10th NPL Iberian Forum, by CMS Group and taking place in Lisbon, was sponsored by Hipoges, which was a Gold Sponsor.

There were 229 attendees in this event, 31 speakers and 18 sponsors, all gathered in Pestana Palace Lisbon to incite learning and evolution. There were 11 conferences on this 31st of May and 1036 views of the event website. Here, 30.2% of the people present were from the Asset Management and Real Estate sectors, as 29.4% were from Banking, Consumer Finance and Financial Institutions in general, and 12.8% came from BPO, Contact Centers and Collection Agencies.

After the event, Hipoges talked to Paola Ortega, CMS Group’s Conference Director for Asset Management in Europe, which shared her view on the event:

This event reflected the fast growth that the Portuguese economy is experiencing. As CMS Group Europe we potentiate the networking and business opportunities for our sponsors and attendees, that derive from this positive context, by gathering the main referents of the credit industry that in this event particularly were creditors, investors, servicers and advisors involved in debt management.

We are aware that this industry is evolving, and throughout this transformation new actors are appearing as well as new discussion topics. The success of the 10 NPL Iberian Forum of CMS Group was not only that we managed to have them all together, in a face-to-face format, that we were missing so much, but to include in the agenda new tendencies that mark what is to come in a short term. We are very proud of the results and thankful to our sponsors that made it possible.”