Hipoges Celebrates the 2023 International Women’s Month: #HipogesWomensMonth2023

Hipoges Celebrates the 2023 International Women’s Month: #HipogesWomensMonth2023

Hipoges Celebrates the 2023 International Women’s Month: #HipogesWomensMonth2023 1500 1274 Hipoges

As per usual, Hipoges celebrated the 2023 International Women’s Month with initiatives marked by the hashtag #HipogesWomensMonth. For several years now, the company has been sharing relevant data and information with the aim of giving greater visibility to the fight against gender inequality. During the month of March, Hipoges celebrates Women and Equality, both professionally and personally.

Among the people who take part on the Hipoges family, 57% are women, so we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate 2023 International Women’s Day by thanking all the amazing women who are part of this company and share information that can help raise awareness for gender equality.

This year, the theme set by the UN for International Women’s Day 2023 (8th March) was “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality“.  This theme aims to address the effects of the digital abyss between men and women, both socially and economically. It also underlines the importance of guaranteeing the rights of women and girls in digital spaces, combating gender-based violence on the internet and facilitating new communication technologies.

The integration of women into the world of new technologies offers more creative solutions and can prevent major losses. This is demonstrated  by UN  Women’s  Gender Snapshot 2022 report, which demonstrates losses of up to $1 billion in GDP in low-income countries, with the number rising to $1.5 billion in 2025 if a solution for greater integration of women in the digital field is not proposed.

Thanks to advances in digital technology, we can face new challenges and strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. However, the opportunities opened by the digital revolution, some situations still pose the risk of maintaining disparities between men and women. Inequality is increasingly evident in the context of digital skills and. Therefore, the development of a digital and inclusive education and transformative technology are fundamental.

Initiatives for the 2023 International Women’s Month at Hipoges

Without gender equality today, an egalitarian future is out of reach. To give greater voice and visibility to issues relevant to equality, Hipoges proposed different initiatives for the 2023 International Women’s Month, throughout March.

Externally, we used our corporate profile on LinkedIn to communicate various commemorative and awareness contents:

1) Corporate Video – The Role of Women in Hipoges: We wanted to pay tribute to all the women who help Hipoges achieve success every day. Therefore, we valued their work and shared data that reflects their importance in the company through a video.

2) Infographics: To make visible and raise awareness to the role of women in different socio-economic areas, we have created a series of infographics that we shared on our LinkedIn profile. Click to know them in detail:

3) Women in History: We have prepared an  informative slider that  we call 8 Women for the 8th of March.   This year we talked about these great women in the history of humanity: Elizabeth Blackwell, A Kalliro Parren, Grazia Deledda, Coco Chanel, Lourdes Sá Teixeira, Margarita Salas , Carrie Fisher and  Donna Strickland.

4) LinkedIn Banner: We prepared a banner so that everyone in Hipoges could use it for their LinkedIn profile headers.

Hipoges International Women’s Day 2023 gender equality
International Women’s Day 2023 Hipoges LinkedIn banner

5) CoffeInPink: we launched a new initiative, #CoffeInPink, to challenge our employees to create pink memories by choosing a pink, violet or purple piece of clothing and taking a picture while having that much-needed coffee in the morning.