Hipoges Takes Part on the 10th Edition Investors Summit 2023 of the DDC

Hipoges Takes Part on the 10th Edition Investors Summit 2023 of the DDC

Hipoges Takes Part on the 10th Edition Investors Summit 2023 of the DDC 1200 655 Hipoges

On the 16th and 17th of November, Hipoges participated as a Gold Sponsor on the 10th Edition Investors Summit 2023: Europe and the Middle East, organized by DDC at Divani Apollon Place & Thalasso in Athens.

The main topics discussed during these two days were extreme investments, transactions in the secondary market, debt management and real estate properties, as well as other topics of great interest. Amongst the attendees we found high-level investors in this type of investment, as well as great specialists in secondary market transactions and NPL management.

In addition to the many interesting debates, networking and important collaborations were one of the keys to the event’s success. During these two days individual meetings were held, such as the celebration of a large co-working space and a gala. In these spaces, attendees had the opportunity to meet other key industry leaders, executives and leaders from the NPL, REO industry as well as alternative sectors.

Executives and market leaders comment on leadership claims at DDC Investors Summit 2023
Investors Hipoges DDC event 2023 Gold Sponsors

Hipoges once again appears at the top of the most influential corporate events in the sector

The DDC Investor Summit is an event held annually, with the aim of bringing together important investing companies in the same space to discuss the world of investment and take advantage of the opportunity to carry out co-working. The event lasted two days and ended with a gala celebration where some prizes were awarded to some of the companies of the year.

The event was very successful, many of the main leaders of large companies participated in debates, told stories and anecdotes, and there was also space to discuss situations in which tools were found to develop projects in more effective and correct ways. Providing a spontaneous flow throughout the whole event.

Once the event ended, many of the guests had the opportunity to convey to the DDC organization words of gratitude for the good and enriching moments, moments in which they learned a lot and got to experience a great time.

Nikitas Zisimos CEO Management for Alsvit Hipoges made this statement: “Once again, the DDC 360° Investor Summit held in Athens offered participants a valuable opportunity to initiate dynamic debates, exchange ideas and encourage networking within our sector. Those present acquired practical knowledge, discovered new trends and established contacts with experts, remaining at the forefront of advances in this field.

Margarida Maia at one of the debates of the DDC, representing Hipoges
Hipoges Investors Margarida Maia DDC Event DDC 2023 Athens

Hipoges was not only part of the event as a guest company, but was also a Gold Sponsor of the event, having the opportunity to participate with great prominence at the 10th Edition of the DDC Investors Summit 2023.

At the event, many people from the Hipoges team, such as Nikolaos Biris, Portfolio Manager at Hipoges Greece, gave some statements about the functioning of Hipoges, with the aim of providing market knowledge, answering questions, and explaining specific methodologies that are used in the company.

In summary, the DDC Investors Summit 2023: Europe and Middle East event, which took place on the 16th and 17th of November in Athens, was a success thanks to the opportunities that were created with a good environment in which to talk and debate about the market and carry out collaboration were a big focus.