The Magic of Christmas 2023: Hipoges Celebrates Its Famous Initiative Again 

The Magic of Christmas 2023: Hipoges Celebrates Its Famous Initiative Again 

The Magic of Christmas 2023: Hipoges Celebrates Its Famous Initiative Again  2560 1920 Hipoges

With the end of the year just around the corner, we find ourselves in festive times, it’s time to disconnect from the routine, relax and enjoy this time with our loved ones. As per previous years, it is already a tradition, Hipoges celebrates its famous initiative: The Magic of Christmas 2023 in collaboration with the Fundación Diversión Solidaria, spreading smiles and hope among the little ones who need it the most. 

Over the last few weeks, all the people who are part of the company have had the opportunity to participate in this solidarity initiative. Colleagues from the offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​and this year also from the new office in Seville, have voluntarily collaborated in the Magic of Christmas 2023 initiative. In total, hundreds of gifts reached the Madrid headquarters, in order to gather them and be able to distribute them all together to the foundation. 

The purpose of signing up for The Magic of Christmas 2023 was for all the colleagues who participated, to receive a letter from a random child in which themselves, or some of the parents, in case they are still very young, writes to Santa Claus asking for the gifts they would be most excited to receive for Christmas. In this way, we had the opportunity to choose between different options that fit the little one’s tastes. 

solidarity magic christmas 2023 hipoges
Hipoges in The Magic of Christmas 2023 with the Fundación Diversión Solidaria

The company is aware of the importance of carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions, even more so during these festive periods. The opportunity to be able to contribute positively to society, on this occasion creating smiles and good moments for children at risk of social exclusion. 

But this is not all. After last year’s success, this year our elves from different departments of Hipoges have volunteered as Santa’s helpers a few days before Christmas. Our elves were there a few days before Christmas helping to distribute those long-awaited gifts at the Diversión Solidaria foundation to the little ones at risk of social exclusion. 

christmas magic 2023 hipoges solidarity fun
Group of elves from Hipoges in the delivery of gifts in the Magic of Christmas 2023 initiative 

In the words of Juan Neble, Director of Human Resources in Spain, “I want to show the great joy and gratitude I feel when contrasting the commitment and generosity shown by Hipoges employees. Beyond our daily work, we are proud to share that, thanks to your support, we have managed to collect more than 100 gifts for the Fundación Diversión Solidaria through the magical Christmas initiative. 

On behalf of the Human Resources team and the entire organization, I want to express my sincere gratitude. The participation of our employees has not only made a difference in the lives of those who need it most, but has also strengthened the sense of community and solidarity in our work environment. “We are proud to have such an incredibly committed and generous team.” 

In addition, this type of initiative helps the employees grow, uniting the people of Hipoges even more to a charitable cause and thus creating a sense of community and common purpose. Find out what The Magic of Christmas 2022 was like and don’t miss any details.