Hipoges closes 2023 with Solidarity and Social Impact Initiatives

Hipoges closes 2023 with Solidarity and Social Impact Initiatives

Hipoges closes 2023 with Solidarity and Social Impact Initiatives 3508 2481 Hipoges

In 2023 Solidarity Initiatives, within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, have been one of the areas in which Hipoges has invested most. Both internally and externally, an effort was made to ensure that solidarity, diversity and inclusion are valued and always present and respected by everyone in the Hipoges family.

Within the national market, Hipoges has had great prominence, due to the good results that the group achieved throughout 2023, the Corporate Social Responsibility work that has been promoted, is also part of this company’s success, “This was another year with excellent results for Hipoges, but this is only possible thanks to the great team that works every day to offer the best services to our customers”, quoted from the Hipoges Human Resources Department. “That is why it is essential for us to continue developing initiatives focused on our employees and on the group’s key values: solidarity, diversity, inclusion”.

Women’s rights were also highlighted at the beginning of the year, Hipoges marked International Women’s Month in March. In several digital channels, visibility was given to the fight against gender inequality and the initiatives that have been developed to guarantee an environment of equality and diversity within the company.

It should also be noted that around 57% of the company is made up of women, who occupy the most diverse positions, in the most different areas.

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International Women’s Month – Women in the work force in different countries

In May, European Diversity Month was celebrated to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplaceAs an organization, knowing that we continue to work, day after day, to build an inclusive environment is something that makes us very happy” – comments Anabela Semedo, Director Human Resources.

Hipoges participated in one of the meetings organized by the Associação Salvador, dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities into the job market, this is an area that the company has been focusing on and exploring, especially in terms of recruitment.

European Diversity Month – Countries & nationalities with representation in Hipoges

HipoCare and breast cancer awareness promote health and well-being of employees

For Hipoges, health and well-being of employees are some of the main concerns of the Human Resources team, as stated by a representative of the department “Only a motivated team that prioritizes their health allows us to maintain the high level of services we provide. Therefore, for us it is very clear that this must be one of the pillars of our work”.

With this concern in mind, the HipoCare well-being plan has been developed, with several actions that promote, from healthy eating, physical activity, sustainability and respect for the environment. In addition to these, Hipoges has invested internally and externally, through digital channels, in important health-related themes, such as the prevention of breast cancer.

All these initiatives make Hipoges stand out and achieve the HappyIndexAtWork certification for the fourth consecutive year – among several, there were two points highlighted by employees: the “Stimulating Environment” and “Corporate DNA” these are two of the main points that contributed most for satisfaction within the company.

Hipoges embraces solidarity actions this festive season in Lisbon and Porto

Within the solidarity initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hipoges together with AMI carried out two solidarity actions, respectively in the Lisbon and Porto offices, with the aim of offering a food basket to families in need.

We carried out a donation campaign to collect specific foods to include in families’ basic food baskets. In December, some volunteers from the Hipoges family went to the collection centres to deliver donations from the Lisbon and Porto offices”, – Hipoges Human Resources Department.

Within the current challenging context the country is experiencing, Hipoges could not oversee this and it was decided to donate the food left over from Winter Party Lisboa to the Refood organization, avoiding waste and promoting “generosity and solidarity with those who need it most”.