7th NPL Iberian Forum – Hipoges Present at the Event Hosted by CMS Group

7th NPL Iberian Forum – Hipoges Present at the Event Hosted by CMS Group

7th NPL Iberian Forum – Hipoges Present at the Event Hosted by CMS Group 865 317 Hipoges

On April the 13th, Hipoges was present at the event hosted by the CMS Group  “7th NPL Iberian Forum”, which took place between the 13th and 15th of this month.

This forum has the especial intention to bring together financial institutions of all levels in the same space, from big companies to micro-enterprises, real estate companies to insurance companies, private equity investment funds, real estate assets managers and other actors of the sector, so that they could share their experience and knowledge, especially at a time where it is necessary to face the new scenario that the Covid-19 pandemic has created for the NPLs market.

As such, the seventh edition of the NPL Iberian Forum brought special attention to the growing investment in Unsecured NPLs in the Spanish market, which is generating high expectations for 2021. The event made itpossibleto know the threats and opportunities of the Unsecured NPL sector after the different consequences brought about by the pandemic and economic crisis. Through the voice of several key figures and industry experts, it was possible to understand what can be taken from this situation and where the great opportunities will lie on.

NPL Iberian Forum 7th event CMS group
Members of the panel “Management and sale of non-core assets of SMEs. How to value this type of portfolios?”

Representing Hipoges, as an important company in the sector, our Managing Partner Claudio Panunzio was one of the speakers on the panel “Management and sale of non-core assets of SMEs. How to value this type of portfolios?”.

Through his experience in the sector, Claudio Panunzio was able to bring his vision on the state of the market and what can be withdrawn from it. When it comes to selling portfolios”those that were sold, where not sold with big discounts” affirmed the Managing Partner of Hipoges Iberia. Similarly, Daniel Mombriedo, VP of Waterfall Asset Management, confirmed: “We’re not finding as many discount possibilities as we thought. With interest rates falling, the rate of return is lower. In general, there is more competition and fewer opportunities for profitability.”

The panel “Management and sale of non-core assets of SMEs. How to value this type of portfolios?” was therefore able to count on the evaluation of important figures, bringing value to a successful event.

HipoGes present event CMS group NPL Iberian Forum
Hipoges’ Managing Partner, Claudio Panunzio (on the left), was one of the speakers at the event

The event in question was hosted by the CMS Group, a business group with presence in North America, Latin America and Europe specializing in “creating transformative experiences that inspire individuals and organizations to anticipate the future and develop business and growth opportunities.” CMS Group’s tradition is to intervene in niche sectors, where the quality of information “makes the difference between success and failure”.

According to the data provided by the group, the growth was exponential between editions. The reports show that participation rate,compared to previous events and in previous years, is about 70% higher. Networking was another strong component of this latest NPL Iberian Forum, with an average of 5,000 virtual networking actions per conference.

After the event, Paola Ortega Andrade, Conference Director Asset Management do CMS Group Europe, provided for her thoughts on another event that was attended by Hipoges:

We were pleasantly surprised that in this first year of pandemic for all events we maintained and even increased the number of participants and sponsors. The industry has supported us in the most difficult of times.

Digital events are here to stay because this environment has other benefits, such as the transaction in a market that we have tested and that has worked for us.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all uncomfortable in front of a screen. This year we are already more accustomed and, although in general the digital environment makes networking very difficult, in CMS Group we can generate proximity and unite the industry due to the feeling that we share with participants.”

To find out more about the CMS Group event, which was attended by Hipoges, take the opportunity to access the specific website of the “7th NPL Ibeiran Forum”.