1Q 2021 Hipoges Corporative Newsletter’s Editorial: Iannis Tegopoulos

1Q 2021 Hipoges Corporative Newsletter’s Editorial: Iannis Tegopoulos

1Q 2021 Hipoges Corporative Newsletter’s Editorial: Iannis Tegopoulos 1639 858 Hipoges

Quarterly, Hipoges launches its Newsletter which is composed of different sections where is possible to find news from the sector, data and information of great relevance in the areas in which the company operates. Therefore, the editorial that heads the 1Q 2021 Hipoges Corporate Newsletter is by Iannis Tegopoulos, Vice Chairman of Hipoges Hellas.

Iannis Tegopoulos shares his thoughts on the Hipoges Newsletter:

After a difficult winter, springtime is finally here. And even though lockdowns and the pandemic are not yet over, longer days and more sunshine, together with vaccinations, lift our spirits! These are the advantages of living in Southern Europe. Our region, where Hipoges is active and always growing; with Greece gradually establishing itself as the third important market for the Group.

Following the acquisition of Alsvit RE firm a couple of years ago, and the Bank of Greece license to Hipoges Hellas last year, permitting us to offer NPL servicing in the country, our tempo in business development has been picking up. This is even more true at the beginning of 2021, both on the real estate and on the loans side. Due to the regulatory framework in Greece, we are obliged to work through 2 separate companies in this country, one for NPL servicing (Hipoges Hellas) and one for RE (Alsvit). In reality however, this has turned out to be an advantage, as RE mandates pave the way for NPL business, and NPL work opens the door to RE services, in projects where we may otherwise have had difficulty to tap. Moreover, working in the RE space through a dedicated company, allows us to tap the broader RE market, irrespective of the distressed domain, and offer services to a broader client universe, than we would be able to do as an NPL-REO Servicer, e.g. through our steadily expanding RE agency and valuation services.

Indeed in the REO market, in less than two years, we have already managed to establish Alsvit-Hipoges as the leading REO services provider, and the reliable, quality partner for banks, investors and even the carve-out mega servicers that have come out of the major banks. And in the NPL space, apart from the 3 mega servicers that have been carved out of the big systemic banks, to whom we are actually a partner, Hipoges is rapidly establishing itself as the upcoming major, international force in the market.

Two major factors are working in Hipoges’ favour. Firstly in Greece, despite the extensive presence of international investors and even servicers, Hipoges is the only international Group to actually offer real mixed advisory teams of Spanish, Portuguese and Greek colleagues, blending our deep experience and best practice from the Iberian markets, with deep knowledge of the local market. Secondly, several of our clients-investors that are active in Spain and Portugal, are also interested or already active in the sizable Greek market. These factors, together with our culture of going the extra mile to the benefit of our clients, are underpinning our growth in our third major market, further establishing Hipoges as the leading force in Southern European NPL and RE markets.

We are off to a very promising year!

In each edition you will find an editorial written by one of Hipoges’ Management members, as well as an interview with a Management member. In this 1Q 2021 Corporate Newsletter, the interview was conducted with Miguel Fernández, Executive Director Valuations at Hipoges.

It is very important for the company to work continuously in transversal, external and internal communication, improving the development and the interpersonal knowledge of those who work at Hipoges. That is why we treat the information that arrives in all our communications with importance and detail, and this quarter we have the editorial by the Vice Chairman of Hipoges Hellas, Iannis Tegopoulos, for the 1Q 2021 Hipoges Corporate Newsletter.