Hipoges Participates as Gold Sponsor in the 4th NPL Days Italia of DD Talks

Hipoges Participates as Gold Sponsor in the 4th NPL Days Italia of DD Talks

Hipoges Participates as Gold Sponsor in the 4th NPL Days Italia of DD Talks 2560 1703 Hipoges

Last Wednesday, February 28, our Chief Business Development Officer, Luigi Izzo was present at the 4th edition of NPL Days Italia organized by DD Talks. The event in which Hipoges participated as Gold Sponsor took place at the luxurious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan.

Among a total of 33 speakers, Luigi had the opportunity to share his opinion and knowledge on NPL/UPT investment opportunities in the Italian market in the Investment Opportunities and Secondary Market panel.

The fourth edition of NPL Days Italia had six enriching speaker panels, which were attended by 190 attendees and 89 relevant companies, mostly from Italy and the United Kingdom, from the NPL industry.

npl days Italia 2024 ddtalks panel evento luigi hipoges
Hipoges on the speakers panel ate the 4th edition of NPL Days Italia organized by  DD Talks

Speakers Panels of the 4th Edition of NPL Days Italia of DD Talks

After welcoming all the sponsors, participants and, in general, attendees of the fourth edition of NPL Days Italia of DD Talks, the first talks began, introducing in a global way, the Italian NPL market.

During this first debate, the different proposals that the Italian government offers for NPLs were raised, different opinions were considered on whether or not to renewal the security guarantee in NPLs is feasible, taking into account the uncertainty in regulatory interventions in the sector. banking and its possible effects. Furthermore, they did not overlook the macroeconomic situation, especially in Italy and the Middle East.

After the first coffee break, with lots of network opportunities, the second debate was presented, in the same way as the previous one, an overview of the UTP market. What are the transition rates from unlikely to pay or profitable loans? Restructuring strategies were proposed to increase loans in its second stage, as well as the most efficient ways to exploit the full potential of the UTP market.

After a short break for the final stretch of the morning and once the general approaches to the NPL and UTP market had been made, four more specific panels were held. Mid-morning and before the lunch break, the panel on new trends in technology took place.

The importance of the development of technologies in all fields is an undeniable reality. In this way and focusing on this sector, the speakers were discussing how credit intelligence can offer greater solutions for creditors and institutions with complete credit management. The innovation of virtual data rooms in the next generations, property valuation tools and automated platforms, blockchain, intelligent building management and real-time monitoring systems, as well as the latest trend in artificial intelligence in property management credit highlighted the importance of technology in almost more than an hour of debate.

The fourth panel presented after the lunch break was regarding a highly relevant topic, secured and unsecured servicing. Among the various comments, there was talk about performance in portfolios with GACS, the best risk reduction solutions or how rising costs could be faced. In addition to the Government’s proposal on the profitability of investments in NPLs and the operational implications for servicers.

The penultimate panel of the fourth edition of NPL Days Italia raised the challenges and opportunities in the real estate market. First, the behaviour of the real estate market from last year to the present of all types of assets (commercial, residential, industrial, etc.) was considered. Trends and forecasts for real estate auctions in Italy, possible ways to overcome long recovery procedures and ways to guarantee services that integrate them into investment opportunities for distressed assets, as well as the importance of maintaining ESG criteria and their possible benefits were developed.

In the latest discussion our Chief Business Development Officer, Luigi Izzo addressed the key emerging investment opportunities that are expected to continue to emerge in the secondary market, including divestment of investments by funds and interest in non-core portfolios. Uncertainty surrounding the impact of Government Assisted Conversion (GACS) values ​​and Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCC). In the context of the Italian financial market, Luigi explained the potential of platform transactions in the Italian secondary market. This could involve platforms, M&A deals, and the influence of the Simplified Merger Directive (SMD) on small entities regulated by Article 115 of the TULPS (Consolidated Law on Public Safety).

hipoges Luigi npl days italia oportunidades inversion npl utp
Luigi Izzo at the NPL Days Italia Investment Opportunities and Secondary Market panel

In this way and with a cocktail to end the event with enriching networking, the 4th edition of NPL Days Italia organized by DD Talks came to an end, a resounding success. From the organization they wanted to share some words of pride:

“We are immensely proud of the 4th edition of NPL Days Italia’s success and the dynamic and rich discussions among participants. The conference brought together a diverse group of stakeholders from the NPL sector, including banks, asset management companies, investors, servicers, technology companies, all converging to address the challenges and opportunities presented by NPLs in today’s economic climate.

One of the highlights of the conference was the insightful debate on the evolving landscape of NPLs. Experts shared their perspectives on the importance of innovative strategies for NPL management and the role of technology in enhancing the efficiency of NPL resolution processes.

Networking opportunities were a crucial part of the conference, allowing attendees to forge new connections and partnerships that could pave the way for collaborative efforts in tackling NPL issues.

We are encouraged by the positive feedback received from participants and are committed to continuing our efforts to facilitate meaningful discussions on NPL management and resolution in future events.”