Hipoges Celebrates International Women’s Month 2024 #HipogesWomensMonth

Hipoges Celebrates International Women’s Month 2024 #HipogesWomensMonth

Hipoges Celebrates International Women’s Month 2024 #HipogesWomensMonth 1200 626 Hipoges

As a tradition in the company, during the month of March Hipoges once again, celebrated International Women’s Month 2024, carrying out different initiatives marked by its hashtag #HipogesWomensMonth. For more than 5 years now, Hipoges has been sharing important information and data with the main objective of giving greater visibility to the fight against gender inequality. Throughout the month of March, the company commemorates Women and Equality, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level.

Hipoges firmly believes in the need to fight for this cause. In addition, up to 57% of its employees are women. For this reason, we did not want to miss the opportunity to commemorate this International Women’s Month 2024, thanking all the wonderful women who are part of the Hipoges family through initiatives that help to raise awareness for gender equality.

This year’s theme defined by the UN for the 8th of March and in general for International Women’s Month 2024 is “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress” in a world facing multiple crises that put communities under immense pressure. Following this year’s theme and bringing together the five areas that require joint action to not leave women behind, these are:

  1. Investing in Women, a Human Rights Issue.
  2. Ending poverty.
  3. Implement transformative financing for gender equality.
  4. Move towards sustainable development and a caring society.
  5. Support feminisms that are driving change.
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The importance of ‘Investing in Women, Accelerating Progress’ for International Women’s Month 2024

Initiatives for International Women’s Month 2024 in Hipoges

If we do not achieve gender equality today, an equal future is out of reach. Once again, in order to give a greater voice and visibility to such an important issue as gender equality, Hipoges has proposed various initiatives during this month of March, International Women’s Month 2024.

Taking advantage of external communication channels, Hipoges has shared the following content through its corporate LinkedIn profile:

1. Flashcards with relevant information about women in different areas. Click to find out more about them:

2. Women in History for the 8th of March, Women’s Day. This slider features 8 important women in history: Hypatia of Alexandria, Virginia Woold from the United Kingdom, Maruja Mallo from Spain, Rosa Parks from the United States, Rita Levi Montalcini from Italy, Hedy Lamar from Austria, Amália Rodrigues from Portugal and Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan.

3. Banner for the LinkedIn header so that all Hipoges people could put it on their LinkedIn profiles, thus doing their bit for general awareness.

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Banner International Women’s Month 2024 by Hipoges for LinkedIn

Internally, a company-wide mailing was planned for the presentation of this month, with its meaning, general information, as well as all the initiatives that Hipoges wanted to carry out. In addition to the external ones, the following initiatives were proposed internally:

  1. Purple testimonies to help all those who would like to share their ideas, thoughts, experiences, which have to do with breaking sexist stereotypes in the workplace through testimonies.
  2. Thank you giving! Innovative initiative to give the opportunity to share with everyone the name of a colleague you admire so much and why.

From the latter initiative we share some anonymous testimonies:

For Marta Gutiérrez, Team Coordinator Human Resources in Madrid: “Since we both started in this company at almost the same time, I have witnessed her incredible evolution. As time progressed, she not only stood out for her dedication and skills, but also for her ability to pursue her dreams.

Watching her rise through the company’s hierarchy is not only inspiring, but also a reminder of the power of hard work and determination. Every step she has taken to achieve her goals has been the result of constant effort and a never-give-up mentality.

In short, I admire my co-worker not only for her professional growth, but also for her ability to turn her dreams into reality through hard work and dedication. Her success is an inspiration to all of us, and I am sincerely glad to see her succeed.

For Claudia Losada, Data Analyst Information Systems & Data Analytics in Madrid: “For being a great hard-working colleague who is always looking out for her colleagues. Also for her ability to work hard and for the way she fights for her goals. She is a super athlete and has won several triathlons, and every day she trains to be better. She doesn’t do it to compete against anyone but to better herself. This inspires me to do the same. She also has two adopted dogs with health problems that she takes good care of, she has a very good heart.”

For Ana Benoliel, Team Coordinator Human Resources in Lisbon: “It has been a pleasure to spend these almost 4 years with you. A good colleague, a respected leader and, above all, a lot of patience to put up with me. Here’s to another 4.”

For Ana Morgado, Technician Human Resources in Lisbon: “The colleague who calms us down with her sweets. And our photographer who always makes us look beautiful. Thank you for being part of the team.”

For Susana Santos, Team Coordonator Office Management in Portugal: “It has been 8 years of shared complicity. There was so much crying and so much laughter that makes me confused. And I don’t say anything so as not to get emotional.”

For Paula Santos, Director Retail Loans in Portugal: “If there is a Retail Director that I admire, it is you, my party companion, mother, wife, friend and professional, for you these are modest words.”

For Margarida Maia, Chief Services Officer Global for the company: “And it has been about 9 years since we met in Padaria Portuguesa. As fate would have it, you were my mentor. Between hard worker and liberator, I can say that you are an inspiring leader!”

For Inês Barros Gomes, Manager Portfolio Administration in Lisbon: “There is no hard-working “formiguinha” like you. And now working hard for another formative badge. Respect and admiration for you is what I feel.”

For Patricia Franco, Executive Assistant in Lisbon: “My days at the office wouldn’t be the same without you. Good humour, lots of laughs and company for lunch at Goucha time – thanks for putting up with me!”

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