Interview with Alessandro Degli Esposti in the Hipoges Corporate Newsletter 4Q 2022

Interview with Alessandro Degli Esposti in the Hipoges Corporate Newsletter 4Q 2022

Interview with Alessandro Degli Esposti in the Hipoges Corporate Newsletter 4Q 2022 1639 858 Hipoges

As we are closing 2022, we present the interview with Alessandro Degli Esposti, CEO of Axis S.p.A. in the Hipoges Newsletter 4Q 2022. In each edition, Hipoges presents a person from the Management team through an interview. In addition, in Hipoges Corporate Newsletter pages you can find news from the real estate and NPL sectors, initiatives in which the company has participated, interesting data, relevant information from the different areas in which Hipoges operates, and more. So, in this last Newsletter of the year of 2022, we wanted to take the opportunity for you to get to know Alessandro Degli Esposti, CEO of Axis S.p.A in Rome, Italy, better.

Interview with Alessandro Degli Esposti for the Hipoges Newsletter

Who is Alessandro Degli Esposti? Tell us a bit more about your professional path.

“I am currently the CEO of Axis, a servicer operating in the Italian NPE segment, established in 2019, of which I was one of the founders.

With the other private partners, we decided to capitalise on our experience of more than 15 years in a new reality, free of legacy and the rigidities of many large structures that have stratified over time absorbing, or rather, attempting to absorb the large volumes transferred over the years from banks to servicers, failing, in many cases, to maintain adequate levels of efficiency.

I worked for 15 years as a manager of the servicer CAF, which I contributed to develop from its inception, which we sold first to the Lonestar fund and then, after two years, to Intrum, creating significant value for the private equity fund.

What are your main day-to-day responsibilities?

As CEO of a company in the development phase, I have to deal with many aspects of Axis’ management: from strategic design, also in terms of business development, to managing relations with major international investors and customers to defining operational practices. Furthermore, as the CEO I take care and safeguard about potential risks incurred by the company and its business model in an environment that is getting complex and interrelated.”

What are the most challenging aspects of your position?

Surely the most important challenge for a young operator is to build a strong credibility both towards customers/investors – even if in this our professional history is of great support to us, as shown by the trust that the customers we had developed in previous experiences are giving us – and towards our employees, who have chosen and will choose Axis in spite of large organizations believing in its and their growth. Furthermore, building an inclusive and sustainable company is one of the aspects that I have been taking care whereas its business model strongly relies on committed people. On top of this, a major challenge is to let the company perform its services having a sustainable approach with borrowers, given the current complex macroeconomic situation.

And what do you like the most about it?

“I am excited about the possibility of building a company, of creating an operator that can become the independent point of reference for the many investors who are focusing on the Italian market and who need a loyal and efficient partner to maximise their investment returns. And I equally enjoy creating a team of people who are motivated to ensure that the company grows and that they are and always feel the most important asset of this reality.

In your opinion, what are the most important attributes you need to have as someone with your position?

“Loyalty, first and foremost, to the shareholder, customers, and employees.

To set an example for the organisation by working hard and not demanding more from others than I am able to give.

Listening to the people, taking all the cues that can represent a contribution to the growth of the company, not only from an economic-financial point of view but also from an organisational and ‘environmental’ point of view: in few words, “leading by example”.”

What are the prospects for the market where Hipoges operates?

Hipoges’ entry into Axis’s capital represents an opportunity both for the shareholder, which can channel the customers it has already acquired to the other countries where it operates, and for Axis, which can benefit from both operational and standing support to enter more quickly into areas that would have taken longer independently.

The Italian market is a market that, after years of transactions conditioned by public guarantees, must now return to market logic.  In addition, there will be a strong development of the secondary market, because the large servicers have absorbed huge volumes without corresponding organisational growth. They will, therefore, need external support in management and will have to resort to divestments to meet the challenging business plans for the transactions in which they have been involved.

Which do you think is the most outstanding attribute of your team?

Professionalism, courage, tenacity, and a strong attachment to Axis and Hipgoes brand.”

Finally, what would you say to someone who has just joined Hipoges?

You have made a very good choice. I know the founders of Hipoges, and we have worked in parallel in our target markets, with a strong focus, certainly on results, which are a guarantee of solidity, but above all on the consideration of the value of the people working in the group.

We too chose Hipoges!

hipoges 2022 newsletter interview Alessandro Degli Esposti
Alessandro Degli Esposti: the interview on the last Hipoges Newsletter of 2022

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