ActivaTalks 2023: The 1st Activa Legal’s and ANGECO’s Event on Debt Recovery And Real Estate

ActivaTalks 2023: The 1st Activa Legal’s and ANGECO’s Event on Debt Recovery And Real Estate

ActivaTalks 2023: The 1st Activa Legal’s and ANGECO’s Event on Debt Recovery And Real Estate 1200 648 Hipoges

On February 17, Hipoges was present at the first ActivaTalks event, organized by Activa Legal in collaboration with ANGECO (National Association of Collection Management Entities), on debt recovery and real estate. This 1st edition of ActivaTalks was attended by employees, analysts, and associates, among other professionals of the sector. The main issues presented by ActivaTalks were the challenges, economic opportunities and the current legal situation of the debt recovery and real estate sectors for this year.

The event took place at the Grupo Avanza’s headquarters, located in Jaén. “This land is full of opportunities to develop businesses and people” said the President, Javier de la Casa, welcoming the participants. Likewise, Eva Pérez, managing director and the person who presented the different panels of ActivaTalks, also reaffirmed the support of Grupo Avanza to their line of legal tech BPO, “Activa Legal was born as an indispensable part of Avanza, complementing the Grupo’s services for our clients“.

Raquel Aguirre, responsible for Activa Legal, was also one of the participants. Among her contributions, she thanked everyone present for their involvement and stressed the importance of continuing to organize events such as ActivaTalks.  “It is essential to promote networking among professionals in the sector throughout the country. We are proud that this meeting took place in Jaén and that the discussion tables have been integrated by the Jaenenses.”

event ActivaTalks activa legal ANGECO debt recovery real state 2023
Event ActivaTalks by Activa Legal and ANGECO

ActivaTalks: debt recovery and real estate for 2023

During this event Carlos Ruiz, president of ANGECO, presented the sector report on debt management and recovery, providing interesting data on the great debt recovery managed by its associates, recovering 10.600 million euros of a debt of more than 460.000 million euros.  Ruiz stated that “management companies exist to ensure that credit will be recovered and will continue to flow”, and that also he finds the need to regulate the sector to “professionalize” it and standardize a code of good practices.

“Default in the Spanish economy and real estate, risks, trends and opportunities of the sector”

Default in the Spanish economy and real estate, risks, trends and opportunities of the sector” was the first discussion table and was moderated by Manuel Jesús Díaz, deputy general manager of the Avanza Group. Participants included Carlos Pérez de Yrigoyen, Real Estate Director of Hipoges in Spain, Juan Antonio Díaz, Territorial Risk Director in Andalusia and Extremadura at Banco Santander, Rafael Peralta, Vice-Rector of the Jaén School of Economists, Ricardo Ríos, responsible for Business Recovery in the Andalusian Territorial Directorate of Caixabank.

Overall, all speakers agreed and shared a clear and optimistic vision for the evolution of inflation, hoping that it will fall at the start of 2024, and show greater confidence in the real estate sector.

Activa Legal Angeco 2023 Event ActivaTalks Real Estate Debt
First panel discussion at the ActiveTalks event by Activa Legal and ANGECO

Procedural Efficiency Bill

The new Procedural Efficiency Bill was also a point of discussion during the event.  Professionals such as Francisco Jerez, member of the Jaén Bar Association, Rafael Cabrera, Professor of Procedural Law at the University of Jaén, Jaime Llori, Director of Business Development at Emergida Smart Collections, and Amelia Medina, lawyer, and director of Mediatio Legal Mediation, were able to discuss the matter.

In conclusion, these experts see a bill with an excessive “voracious reform” and a structure with a very difficult level of understanding. The debate focused on the bill point on ADR (Adequate Means of Dispute Resolution) showed an insisting on the need for cultural change to avoid disputes and use mediation as an alternative to the judicial route for dispute resolution. As the epilogue of the lecture, it is worth mentioning a phrase by Llori: “This law has an aspirational character and will contribute very little because it is far from those we see on the streets.”

After the intense and enriching debates about debt recovery and real estate for 2023, and a subsequent time for networking, ActivaTalks’ participants had the opportunity to discover the city of Jaén.

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